For Silver Summit Health plan members

Video Appointments
with a doctor 24/7

At no cost for SilverSummit Health Plan Members
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SilverSummit Health Plan has partnered with Babylon to offer 24/7 access to medical care at no cost for members

Video appointments with a doctor face-to-face anytime, day or night from your phone.

Babylon is a convenient way to receive services from a doctor. Download the Babylon app to your phone for 24 hour access to in-network health care providers for non-emergency issues. This includes medical advice, referrals, and prescriptions, if needed (restrictions may apply).

Babylon doctors can help with:

  • Allergies

    Pink Eye


  • Stomach Ache and Diarrhea

    UTI and Bladder Infections

    Headaches and Migraines

  • Fever, Flu, Coughing and Bronchitis

    Prescriptions and Lab Work

    and Much More!

Get Started

  • 1. Search Babylon Health in the App Store or Google Play to download the app

  • 2. Download the Babylon app to your mobile device and open the app

  • 3. Register by entering your personal information and the code: SSHP

Help and Support

If you need help setting up your account, please contact the Babylon support team:
phone: 1-800-475-6168.