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Ear Problems

Ear problems such as ear ache can be very upsetting, and you have a right to worry if the symptoms persist for over a week or the problem is recurring. You don’t realise how important your ears are for hearing until there is a problem with them. Whether you’re experiencing pain, hearing loss or think you have damaged your ear drum then you should seek medical advice.

Our doctors are available 24/7 to diagnose ear problems and discuss the relevant treatment.


There are a wide range of ear problems you could experience with many different causes. The primary cause of ear ache is usually an ear infection, which can develop from a virus such as the common cold. Ear wax, a throat infection and a dental abscess can also cause pain in the ear.

Some other conditions can cause hearing loss or other complications – see if you spot any of the symptoms below.


The symptoms will depend on the specific ear problem but the majority of conditions will cause:

  • Ear ache in one or both ears
  • Temporary hearing loss
  • Some ear conditions can affect your balance

Other symptoms are exclusive to a certain ear problem, for example you may have tinnitus if you can hear a constant ringing noise in your ear. Other ear conditions include glue ear, swimmer’s ear and a perforated ear drum.


Discuss your symptoms today with a babylon doctor so the specific ear problem can be identified. The treatment will depend on the condition, so it’s important to understand the cause of the symptoms.

If a build-up of ear wax is causing the problems, a GP may perform ear irrigation to flush it out. Ear infections can clear up on their own, or sometimes ear drops or antibiotics will be prescribed. If you are suffering from hearing loss, a doctor can help you manage the condition moving forwards.